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Hunter Muskett

First formed in 1969 whilst Chris was at college, Hunter Muskett are an acclaimed folk band that are still recording and touring..

Earl Marsh Guitars

Earl makes very very fine Classical and Flamenco guitars. Not only are they beautifully made from superb woods but it's Earl's passion for tone that makes his guitars so special.

Hiscox Cases

The finest quality lightweight instrument protection.

Rothwell Audio

Audio products for discerning audiophiles and musicians.


Builders of linear tremolo systems including Piezo equipped versions..


High quality guitar bridge components and tuners.

plankspanker (email link)

Makers of excellent custom logo transfers

Old Hat Guitars

The place is full of iconic guitar treasures. This is one of the best sources of inspiration for me when contemplating a new special build. Wonderful.

Free-way Switch

Designers of the mysterious 6 position toggle switch. Looks can be deceiving....