Our aim is to make each Chris George guitar unique and special to the owner.

Each guitar should take on it's own identity; whether it be an acoustic archtop or electric resonator - or any point in between!

There is no production line and there is no batch building. Every guitar is focused on individually for the customer.

Each guitar may be loved and cherished but above all it is made to be played and played.

If you would like to discuss your own custom build then please contact us and, of course, you are very welcome to visit us to explore details and options in greater depth.

There can be up to a six month waiting list but this does vary. Allow about 6 weeks for your guitar to be built from the time we start the build.

Prices start from £1800 but vary dependent upon the options that you choose.

For Sale

This guitar is identical to the one featured in Guitarist Magazine June 2015 and in my featured build1/2015 except it is NOT distressed and it features two volumes and one tone rather than one volume and two tones - and obviously the Bigsby is new, not 40+ years old.


Price: £2200 including Hiscox case


  • Single cut solid electric
  • Body wood Alder forearm chamfer and 'belly cut' contouring
  • Slab cut maple set neck
  • Macassar ebony fingerboard with 25inch scale, 12inch radius, 22 frets
  • Depth at 1st fret 21.7mm
  • Depth at 12th fret 23.5mm
  • String spacing at nut 35mm
  • String spacing at bridge 51mm
  • Evo gold medium fretwire
  • Two way adjustable truss rod and twin carbon fibre bars
  • Lollar Gold Foil pickups
  • SLR roller nut
  • TonePros roller bridge
  • Bigsby B5 vibrato
  • Two volume and one
  • Tone control
  • Three way selector switch
  • Electrosocket output jack
  • Daphne Blue Nitro gloss finish
  • Schaller Stap Locks

The guitars listed here are offered for sale at considerably discounted prices. They were built NOT as custom orders but as prototypes to experiment with different shapes/techniques /hardware/electronics. For full spec. please contact us.

GUITAR Twinpickup Single Cut Electric
PRICE £2000
TYPE Bolt on neck Twinpickup
BODY Roasted Sycamore,single bound with "ivoroid"
NECK Flamed maple 25inch scale
F/BOARD Macassar ebony
HARDWARE GTwo TV Jones Super'tron universal mount pickups
TV Jones original Tele bridge plate Schaller strap locks ,(all chrome)
ELECTRONICS 2 vol 2 tone, treble bleeds, elctrosocket
FINISH Nitro hand rubbed and waxed
COMMENT The finish is gently worn to look and feel like a lovingly cherished instrument not a worn "relic",( very few "dings") The roasted body is a joy to work and the colour is great.

GUITAR Acoustic 12 string with Fishman pickup
PRICE £2000
TYPE 00ish sized acoustic Lower Bout 14.25” Body depth 3 7/8”
Body length 19.5”
BODY Spalted maple back and sides, Torrefied sitka spruce top and top braces, Rosewood bindings with fine line b/w/b purflings. Herringbone to front and to 3 ring rosette

Quarter sawn mahogany with carbon fibre bars and two way truss rod


Macassar ebony. Scale length 24” with14 radius. Evo gold fretwire MoP Dots

HARDWARE Individual 6 -a-side “Strat Type” tuners, Schaller strap locks and JDL bridge truss system

FIshman matrix under saddle pick up with soundhole tone and vol controls
Easy access battery compartment at base of body

FINISH Satin Nitrocellulose to neck and front, gloss to headfacing and back and sides
COMMENT Very satisfying to play, the shorter scale length is easy on the fingers and there is no need to tune down a tone or capo up to the second fret!

GUITAR Single cut solid electric 12 string
PRICE £2000
TYPE Single cut twin humbucker 12 string electric
BODY Mahogany with “belly cut” contouring. Ivoroid binding and control knobs

Mahogany quartered one piece. Set neck
String spacing at nut 41.8mm at bridge 55mm


Macassar ebony with 22 frets, pearl dot markers, 24”scale 14” radius
Depth at 1st fret 22mm, at 12th fret 26mm Ebony head facing and heelcap

HARDWARE Gotoh bridge and tuners,Electro socket output jack, Schaller strap locks

TV Jones Classic Plus bridge, Powertron neck pickups
Two Vol, two tones with push/push series parallel switching
“Retro” three way lever selector switch

FINISH Surf Green nitro, gloss to body and head facing, satin to neck .Mint green pickguard and control plate
COMMENT Short scale zero fret 12 string with light gauge strings very very very playable, perfect for that “Jingle jangle morning” feeling. It may look similar to a lightweight Dano because of the colour but the mahogany body gives it a satisfying strapped on feel and at about 8 lbs it is a substantial guitar.

GUITAR Acoustic 6 string
PRICE £2100
TYPE Steel string with arm bevel & offset soundhole rosette

Solid Granadilla back and sides
Torrefied sitka spruce top. Koa bindings and arm bevel with fine line b/w/b/w purfles


Three piece mahogany/maple slotted headstock with carbon fibre bars and two way truss rod


Bound Macassar ebony Scale 25.5”
14” radius with pearl block inlays, Evo gold fret wire


Gotoh open tuners, Schaller strap locks (nickel)


Fishman Matrix under saddle pick up
Soundhole vol and tone controls
Easy access battery compartment at base of body


Satin nitro cellulose to front and neck gloss to head facing, back & sides


This is the first time I have use Granadilla wood and I found I really like it. It is similar to rosewood and cocobolo but not a real rosewood.
The “offset” soundhole rosette was another first
And I had to practise the arm bevel again!
Altogether a very nice small acoustic with pickup and extra light strings


Lockdown 000ish acoustic with arm bevel




Curly Redwood top, Birdseye maple back and sides, Koa binding and bevel


Three piece flamed maple with two-way rod, Koa to front and back of headstock 14fret to body. Bone nut, MoP dots and logo


Bound Macassar ebony 25.5inch scale 14" radius


Three a side tuners, Schaller strap locks, Evo gold fretwire




Nitro cellulose. Satin to Front and neck, Hand rubbed to back and sides


I wanted to try curly redwood as a front with a B/E maple offset rosette. I feel the front is more like cedar in sound. Altogether a really nice sounding guitar

TYPE Thinline cutaway semi-solid electro Nylon-string
BODY Chambered swamp ash with Lutz spruce top

Spliced mahogany with truss rod

F/BOARD Indian rosewood 25” scale and 14” rad
HARDWARE Rubner tuners
ELECTRONICS Fishman Matrix Infinity
FINISH Gloss Nitro with tinted satin top and back of neck

Reviewed by Guitarist Presents Acoustic mag 2017 who concluded:-“Chris’s build and attention to the smallest details puts his work up amongst the best there is in the world”

GUITAR Surf Green Special
PRICE £2500
TYPE Semi hollow, carved top set neck electric
BODY Hollow mahogany with carved mahogany top
NECK Triple spliced mahogany
F/BOARD Bound ebony,25” scale 12 rad

Bigsby B7 Vibrato.Tone pros bridge, Scahaller tuners, Dunlop dual strap locks


TV Jones Classic neck and Powertron Bridge pickups One Vol two tones

FINISH Gloss surf green nitro

Really lovely Gretsch type guitar, It is a set neck although from the back it looks like a neck through body. Ebony headfacing, pickguard and arm rest. It was featured in Guitarist mag March 2012 and on the front of their 2013 calendar, There is also a sound clip of it being demonstrated by I think Mick Taylor of Guitarist somewhere on Youtube.



Aged single cut, set neck triple pickup electric with Bigsby B5 vibrato




Korina with Claro Walnut top


One piece flamed maple with two way rod


Bound Macassar Ebony 25 inch scale 12 inch radius


6 a-side tuners and roller bridge, Schaller strap locks and electro socket


3 TV Jones TVHT single coil pickups,
Freeway switch giving 6 pup combinations
One vol and one tone control


Nitro cellulose gloss lightly aged body


I promised myself that i wouldn’t make another “relic’d “ finish but I obviously lied!!! Another one with grills and lighter than the previous one. The sounds are amazing.


Single cut, set neck triple pickup electric with B7 Bigsby

PRICE £2200
BODY One piece African Mahogany with Franquette Walnut top

One piece African quarter sawn mahogany with two way rod and two carbon fibre bars


Bound Macassar Ebony 24.75” scale 12’ radius


Tonepros locking Kluson tuners and roller bridge Scaller strap locks. American B7 Bigsby vibrato Electro socket


Duisenberg Little Toaster bridge pickup
Single minis Mid and neck.
Freeway switch giving 6 pup combinations
One vol and one tone control

FINISH Nitro cellulose Satin to back of neck, gloss to body

I really love the “vibe” of the guitar. I’ve been playing about with grills in a couple of my resonator guitars and here it really does work for me.
It is the only guitar here that comes with a Hiscox case!!
Featured in issue 450 of Guitarist magazine

GUITAR Acoustic
PRICE £1800
TYPE Acoustic (oo sized)
14.25” lower bout, 4.125” deep, body length 19.6”
BODY Spalted maple back and sides, torrefied sitka spruce top. koa bindings with fine line b/w/b purflings
NECK Korina with two way truss rod
F/BOARD Macassar ebony 25.5” scale. 14” rad. Evo gold fretwire
HARDWARE Nickel lightweight, back locking tuners, Schaller strap locks
FINISH Satin nitro cellulose to top and neck, gloss to headfacing back and sides
COMMENT Lovely smallish acoustic with loads of charm.

GUITAR Single Cut Fat Custom Classic
PRICE £1800
TYPE Single cutaway twin humbucker Electric
BODY Half chambered mahogany with quilted maple carved cap
NECK Triple spliced mahogany
F/BOARD Bound macassar ebony 25" scale 12" rad
HARDWARE TonePros wraparound bridge & tuners,Schaller strap locks, electro socket
ELECTRONICS Bare Knuckle PG Blues pickups, concentric vol and tone controls, 3-way slider switch
FINISH Gloss Nitro cellulose "Autumn Burst"
COMMENT Quite a "Gibby" feel to this guitar. It weighs in at 8.2lbs. The neck is a "chunky" C profile and the pickups are unspotted and out of phase with each other.

GUITAR Curly Redwood Drop Top Electric
PRICE £1500
TYPE Double cut drop top twin pickup electric
BODY Mahogany with curly redwood top
NECK Triple spliced mahogany
F/BOARD Macassar ebony 24.75” scale 12 rad
HARDWARE Gotoh 501 tuners, Bigsby B5 vibrato, TonePros Roller bridge. Schaller strap locks, SLR roller nut
ELECTRONICS Bareknuckle “Blackdog” Bridge HB, “Blue Note” P90 neck
FINISH Gloss tobacco burst to body, satin to back of neck

This one is known as ‘Ivor’ because tuner knobs, control knobs, bindings and fret markers are all grained ivoroid!
It is a rare guitar for me in that it has 24 frets but the design, with two pickups, dictated it.

PRICE £1800
TYPE Twin cutaway semi hollow carved top electric
BODY Chambered mahogany with curly redwood carved top
NECK Triple spliced mahogany
F/BOARD Macassar ebony 25”scale 12”rad
HARDWARE Bigsby B5 Vibrato with VibraMate string retainer, TonePros locking tuners & roller bridge, Schaller strap locks
ELECTRONICS Custom wound Lollar Imperials, Freeway 6way selector, Two Vol two tones,Electro socket
FINISH “Aged” clear nitro cellulose

The neck is more Gibby than Fender and the “aged” nitro finish is crazed but no deliberated ‘dings” nor “dents” or false wear to the body nor neck.